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Etoh Lures

ETOH Monodon 90 L

$27.23 (Ex. GST)
Monodon 90 L by ETOH The Monodon 90 L is a Light, slow sinking version of the Monodon 90. The lighter weight gives more suspension time and allows for twitches or walk the dog style retrieves for ultra shallow waters. Type: Light Weight:...
Etoh Lures

ETOH Leopardus 120

$63.59 (Ex. GST)
Leopardus 120 by ETOH The Leopardus 120 is a versatile hybrid lure that combines the qualities of a popper and a stickbait. It can be adjusted to perform either as a diving popper with short, fast pulls or as a submerged swimmer at a depth of 0.5-1...