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Noah Custom Lures 125mm Sinking Stickbait

$108.18 (Ex. GST)
Noah Custom Lures Maluwa 125mm Sinking Stickbait This flat sided profile of the sinking Maluwa was designed to mimic the natural wobble action of  small bait fish. A versatile lure perfect for snagging a wide range of pelagic fish and reef...

Noah Custom Lures 220mm Skinny Popper

$153.64 (Ex. GST)
Noah Custom Lures 220mm Skinny Popper The Noah Custom Lures Skinny Popper is a classic long Pencil Popper. It has a fantastic surface skipping action when cranked with a high rod tip, or do a great chopping/walk the dog action with twitching rod action...

Noah Custom Lures Marauder 200mm Popper

$144.55 (Ex. GST)
Marauder 200mm Popper by Noah Custom Lures Built tough to handle big fish. This noisy popper is a great choice for both GT and reef species! With a low rod angle and aggressive sweep it will make a deep bloop and splash. going for a long steady sweep,...