Noah Custom Lures 125mm Sinking Stickbait

$108.18 (Ex. GST)
Noah Custom Lures 125mm Sinking Stickbait *

Noah Custom Lures Maluwa 125mm Sinking Stickbait

This flat sided profile of the sinking Maluwa was designed to mimic the natural wobble action of  small bait fish. A versatile lure perfect for snagging a wide range of pelagic fish and reef dwellers. Ideal for casting amongst bait school, either land-based or out on the reef flats. Both fast and slow retrieve will produce the same erratic wobbling action. Short jerking movements create a sharper darting action.

Noah Lures is an Australian based lure company operating out of Cairns. Inspired by nature, Noah Custom Lures is committed to using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly products. The base of the lure remains completely hand crafted from Topaz Sustainable Timbers, another local, family operated company on the Tablelands of Far North Queensland.

Type: Sinking 

Weight: 55g

Length: 125mm

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Additional Info

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