Decoy Y-W77 Extra Wide Gap Treble

$9.05 - $16.32 (Ex. GST)
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The Decoy Y-W77 Extra Wide Gap treble is at the vanguard of Decoys next generation of treble hooks, with increased hooking and holding power and enormously impressive strength. This 6-extra strong hook has a powerful, strong shank with an extra wide gap that will perform well on a great variety of lures. Impoundment barra anglers are sure to love the bigger sizes, up to 3/0, while the smaller sizes down to #8 will impress anyone keen on retrofitting their favourite lures with the ultimate hardware.

#8: 6 pcs

#6: 6 pcs

#4: 6 pcs

#2: 6 pcs

#1: 6 pcs

1/0: 4 pcs

2/0: 6 pcs

3/0: 6 pcs


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Additional Info

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