BKK Viper 41 Treble Hook

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Viper 41 Straight Point Treble Hook by BKK

The Viper 41 Treble has been tested on some of the most aggressive and damaging fish around the world and has passed with flying colours. The straight point of the hook makes them extremely sticky when targeting elusive predators and the shape assures they stay in during long battles. 

If your targeting estuary and inshore species like barramundi, mangrove jack, Murray cod, coral trout, kingfish and many others the Viper 41 treble hooks are a must have in the kit!

#6: 6mm gape 8 pcs per pack

#4: 8mm gape 8 pcs per pack

#2: 9mm gape 7 pcs per pack

#1: 10mm gape 7 pcs per pack

1/0: 11mm gape 6 pcs per pack

2/0: 12.5mm gape 6 pcs per pack

3/0: 14mm gape 6 pcs per pack

4/0: 15mm gape 5 pcs per pack

5/0: 16.5mm 5 pcs per pack

6/0: 18.5mm 5 pcs per pack

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Additional Info

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