Oceans Legacy

Oceans Legacy Access Clip

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Oceans Legacy Access Clip

Oceans Legacy Access Clips are constructed with the highest grade Japanese stainless steel. Features a highly polished black nickel coating with hardened finish which adds to superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments. Super easy to use with a high recoil easy access for use with even the smallest hard body lures. The clip is not opened when attaching a lure, rather the lure eye is wound on to the wire pigtail. This means the the clip is almost impossible to open by accident - such as a fish biting it. This style is far superior to conventional clips for this reason!

Perfect for use when you want to change lures regularly without constantly having to re-tie your lures. 

Available in 5 sizes-

Size 0: 13lb 12Pcs

Size 1: 28lb 12 Pcs

Size 2: 43lb 12 Pcs

Size 3: 72lb 10 Pcs

Size 4: 133lb 10 Pcs


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Additional Info

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