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Oceans Legacy Genesis

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Genesis by Oceans Legacy

The Genesis series is designed explicitly for serious land based anglers, to catch the largest of coastal predators. The blanks are reinforced with Ocean Legacy's cross carbon design, which allows you to set heavy drag to tire out your fish. Blanks are constructed of Japanese Toray graphite which gives it it's light weight and durability and responsiveness. If you want to take your landbased fish to a new level, the Genesis is a great place to start!


Type: Spin

Weight: 455g

Length: 10’0″ (305cm)

PE: 5

Max Cast Weight: 60 – 120g

Guides: Fuji

Packed Length: 160cm



Type: Spin

Weight: 455g

Length: 9’7″ (292cm)

PE: 6

Max Cast Weight: 80 – 150g

Guides: Fuji

Packed Length: 153cm



Type: Spin

Weight: 400g

Length: 9’3″ (281cm)

PE: 8

Max Cast Weight: 100 – 200g

Guides: Fuji

Packed Length: 146cm

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