Fishing Fighters

Fishing Fighters Devil Line

$29.95 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
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Fishing Fighters Devil Line

The Devil is hidden in this line.

The new Devil Line by Fishing Fighters is made for ultimate durability against fish with sharp teeth. The new style of assist cord consists of an Air Braid core with a outer made of from a Titanium, Stainless Stell Alloy and a specical blend of Polymer Fibers to aid in flexibility. Due to its supple nature the Devil Line can be tied with conventional methods when creating assists. 

The Devil Line can also be used as a bite leader when chasing Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and GTs.

Size Strength Length
#20 80lb 3m
#30 100lb 3m
#50 150lb 3m
#70 240lb 3m
#100 300lb 3m
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Additional Info

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