Palms Break Head 200

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Break Head 200 by Palms

The true essence of the blue popper lies in the captivating bubbling effect it generates through skilled rod manipulation. Achieving a harmonious balance among the "bubbles," "sound," and "posture" is the key to determining your fishing success. Despite its slender body, the cup features an expansive upper design that produces robust bubbling. Its nearly vertical floating position minimizes missed bites and ensures maneuverability, even in areas with challenging footing.

Moreover, an edge processing technique applied to the ventral surface reduces water resistance, allowing for a natural wobbling action while trapping bubbles during continuous popping and long jerks. Of course, the basic performance is top-notch, responding obediently to the angler's input.

Please note that the BKH-200 model comes without hooks installed and requires a separate purchase. We recommend using a thick shaft treble hook #3/0 and a compatible ring of size #8 for optimal performance, with a total weight of 85g when equipped with the hook.

Type Weight Length
Sinking 70g 200mm

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Additional Info

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