Varivas Shock Leader

$22.68 - $34.50 (Ex. GST)
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Varivas Nylon Shock Leader for popping and jigging

Varivas Nylon Shock Leader is one of the most popular leaders available for heavy tackle popping and jigging. The shock leader has a good amount of stretch to absorb the shock from violent attacks from big hard hitting fish such as GTs. Its supple nature gives it great knotting ability and strength. FG and PR knots also bite into the leaders surface perfectly for a strong connection to your mainline. The Varivas Shock leader has great abrasion resistance so you can be confident during long drawn out fights.

A  different colour spool band is included with strengths 90-200lb to keep the line organised.

Strength (LB) Diameter (mm) Length (metres)
18 60lb 0.70 50m
22 80lb 0.78 50m
30 100 lb 0.910 50m
35 130 lb 0.985 50m
40 140 lb 1.150 50m
50 170 lb 1.170 50m
60 200 lb 1.280 50m
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Additional Info

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