Jumprize Lalapen 200F

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Lalapen 200F by Lalapen

This lure offers a highly appealing and robust action; the sharp edges and flat flanks allow for wide sliding and sharp turns in the water. The strong action is ideal when anglers are pursuing active predators chasing very mobile prey, even in challenging conditions. The Lalapen performs well when casting from the shore or a boat. Whether you're targeting kingfish, yellowfin, and other large pelagic species, the LalaPen Magnum 200 delivers an impressive performance that appeals to a wide range of fishing scenarios. In testing, the Lalapen Magnum lures accounted for Kingfish to 35kg, tuna to 58kg and GT up to 45kg!

These Lalapen lures are made of hard ABS plastic for extra durability, however their complex internal structures and specific balance means it is not possible to mass produce these lures. 

Type: Floating

Length: 200mm

Weight: 97g

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Additional Info

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