Fish Tornado

Fish Tornado Pencil 240

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Fish Tornado Pencil 140g 240mm by Sea Falcon

The Fish Tornado Pencil is is a floating stick bait designed with a hybrid structure of a balsa wood core and a high float resin outer coat, to achieve a high strength lure with a super lively action. The 240 pencil is an excellent choice for an array of species that enjoy nailing a lure off the top, including GT, Spanish mackerel, kingfish and large tuna as well as being right at home on the reef flats chasing those big coral trout. With it's large presence in the water and reasonably light weight the 240 pencil is a joy to cast for long periods chasing that dream fish. 

This lure comes rigged with Decoy SJ-5 10/0 hooks.

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 240mm

Weight: 140g

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Additional Info

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