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Blue Blue Conifer 130g Metal Jig

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Conifer 130g High Pitch or Slow Pitch long Metal Jig by Blue Blue


The Conifer jig is a long slender jig that works great with a high or slow pitch retrieve. Its profile makes it great for cutting through high current and getting to the required depth with ease. The minimum resistance makes it a very angler friendly jig, worked with little effort all day long. It darts side to side when jigged and with a slack line it'll fall horizontally before sinking tail first.

Weather you're chasing speedsters like kingfish, amberjack and tuna or using a more technical approach chasing reef dwellers like snapper pearl perch or coral trout. The Conifer is an excellent inclusion to any jig pouch.

Type: Versatile Jig

Weight: 130g

Length: 155mm

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Additional Info

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