Carpenter Blue Chaser BLC 80/35 R-PM Super Cobra

$1,362.73 (Ex. GST)

Carpenter Blue Chaser 80/35 R-PM Super Cobra Versatile Stick Bait Rod

The Carpenter Blues Chaser rods are specifically designed to target kingfish but the 80/35R is a also a great tuna casting rod. The 80/35R Power Max - Super Cobra is rated PE#5-8 and has a springy tip section making it ideal to work stickbaits up to 160g.

Featuring a progressive taper this rod is supremely comfortable whilst fighting fish yet it retains a great deal of lifting power. Perfect for stopping rampaging Kingfish and Tunas!

Length: 8'0" (247cm)

Weight: 375g

Line Weight: PE #5-8

Cast Weight: Max 160g

Sections: 2 piece Butt Join

Packed Length: 175cm

Butt Length: 82cm

Additional Info

Additional Info

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