CB One Enfinity 84/8 Tactical plugg'n Stickbait Rod

$617.27 (Ex. GST)

Enfinity 84/8 Tactical plugg'n Offshore Stickbait Rod by CB One

The Enfinity series from CB One have been designed predominantly with tuna and kingfish in mind. Possessing a nice springy tip, perfect for getting the best action out of your stickbaits and excellent comfort when fighting that fish you've been casting all day for. The bottom end of this rod is surprisingly powerful giving you maximum control over a fish during a fight.

The 84/8 is a great option when casting 20 to 60g lures at medium size kingfish, smaller tuna and mackerel. It's also going to work well for those who like a softer tip rod when casting over reef flats for coral trout and emperor species.

Length: 8'4"

Weight: 340g

Line Weight: PE# 3-4

Max Drag: 8kg

Cast Weight: Max 80g

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 190cm

Butt Length: 72cm

Additional Info

Additional Info

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