Chorokohjig Kuchinose 170g Metal Jig

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Kuchinose 170g Long High Pitch Sliding Metal Jig by Chorokohjig

The Kuchinose Jig has been designed and tested in the high currents of the Akashi Strait in Japan, one of the highest torrent points in the country. The result of this, is a jig that cuts through the water perfectly getting down to fish at a rapid rate. This jig has proven to be very productive time and time again in these highly pressured waters off Osaka and Kobe.

The shape of the jig is quite unique, with a slightly concaved backside and small peak on the front. This shape gives the Kutchinose a great sliding action. Designed to be worked with a medium to fast retrieve targeting kingfish, amberjack and samson fish.

Type: Long Sliding Jig

Length: 215mm

Weight: 170g

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Additional Info

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