Dranckrazy Sumeragi Arowana Swim Bait

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Sumeragi Arowana Swim Bait by Dranckrazy

An absolute beautiful specimen of a Swim Bait. This Sumeragi Arowana is a part of Dranckrazy's Art Bait Series and is carved out, right down to the scales.

It's double jointed tail provides an excellent 'S' Curve action. And the use of soft fins creates irregularities in the action, giving it more realistic swim and increase your strike rate. The lure is also built out of a solid core which gives it much more strength of other similar lures. Perfect for Cod, Barra, and also even territorial Arowana/Saratogas

Type: Slow sink swimbait

Length: 140mm

Weight: 55g

Hooks: Pre rigged with super sticky Japanese trebles


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Additional Info


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