FCL Labo

FCL Labo UCB-80 Extreme L All-Round Casting Rod

$862.73 (Ex. GST)

UCB-80 Extreme L All-Rounder PE6 Rod for Poppers and Stickbaits by FCL Labo

The FCL Labo UCB 80L is a fantastic lightweight rod for a range of big fish! This rod was conceived to be light enough for fun with species like Mackerel, Wahoo and Kingfish, but still having the power for a reasonable size GT or mid size tuna. The rod is perfect for PE5 and PE6 line, weighs just 350g and has a max drag setting of 10kg. It suits poppers up to around 110g and stickbaits through to the maximum cast weight of 130g. At the lower end, it can handle lures from about 65g and up. Suitable reels are Daiwa and Shimano 8000-14000. It would still balance with an 18000, but its definitely more enjoyable with the mid size reel.

This rod has been very popular with anglers who chase a variety of pelagic species and are not just focused on GT hunting. It has proven to be great at pulling XL sized reef fish away from difficult terrain - the responsive carbon really aids with turning the fishes head at the point of hookup and preventing the fish from powering back to where it came from. This rod has racked up an impressive array of captures, from big coral trout, Spanish mackerel and kingfish to 30/40kg GTs and southern bluefin tuna to 70kg! (though we really wouldn't recommend it for big tunas, its nice to see it can be done!)

Length: 8'0" (243cm)

Weight: 350g

Line Weight: PE# 5-6

Lure Cast Weight: Max 130g

Sections: 2 pce Butt Joint 

Packed Length: 175cm

Butt Length: 74cm


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Additional Info

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