FCL Labo

FCL Labo UCB-81 Extreme H Blue Popping Rod

$999.09 (Ex. GST)

The 81 Extreme H Blue is the biggest rod in the popular Extreme Range of rods with a max drag rating of 20kg. Perfect for throwing large stickbaits and poppers at massive GT's the 81 Extreme H has a huge amount of lifting power and is ideal for pulling big fish away from structure. Despite the power, this rod is still physically lighter than most other popular PE 10 rods!

The 81 Extreme-H is stiff enough to work poppers over 180g comfortably, with the minimum amount of angler stress. The elastic feel of the tip makes it easy to control and work large stickbaits, ensuring the best action is attained from the lure. Casting wise this rod is unmatched in its performance, thanks to the nature of the rods build and taper. It really slings out lures, making easy work when throwing big lures along a reef break!

Length Weight Line Weight Lure Weight Sections Packed Length  Butt Length
8'1" (245cm) 390g PE# 10-12 Max 250g Butt Joint 177cm 79cm
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Additional Info

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