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Individual Development Transworld 7305-5 Travel Baitcast

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Individual Development Transworld 7305-5 Travel Baitcast

Individual Development are some truly unique original development rods made by Studio Composite in Kochi Japan. The Transworld range of travel rods have been specifically designed as the demand for pack rods is steadily increasing due to changes in the market, such as overseas travel, which has become more accessible. The Transworld range of rods has been vigorously tested over the last 5 years to ensure they have created a rod that is not just practical and lightweight but also strong and reliable in the field. The rods have been designed to be 55cm or less to easily pack down into a bag, suitcase or on a bike.


  • Monocoque carbon (hollow structure) grips are produced in-house for the front and rear grips and laminated and crimped with an elastic tube. The highly rigid and sensitive carbon grips accurately transmit underwater conditions and lure movements to the angler.
  • ID rods are sanded (paper), so the blank has a shine like a pattern. Basically, ID rods are composed of 0° and 90° carbon. When the blank is produced, the surface of the carbon is shaved.
  • Anti slip shape design(PAT.P) A new grip design used in the ID rods produced from the 2022 model. No sound absorbing materials such as EVA or cork, no octopus thread, no tape to seal gaps, no extra glue, and super high sensitivity.
    Because the blank is gripped directly, it has torque and does not stall when swinging through heavy big baits.
  • Features all top of the range double footed guides for extra strength especially when casting bigger baits.

The Transworld 7305-5 would be Perfect as a travel/expedition rod for throwing big plastics, smaller swimbaits and big minnows. Targeting anything from barramundi, murray cod, mulloway, XL flathead and even a universal rod to take overseas for Bass and Peacock bass. 

Length: 7'3" (221cm)

Type: Baitcasting

Weight: 205g

Line: PE 3-5 (Mono-30lb)

Cast Weight: Max 5oz/142g

Sections: 5 piece travel rod

Pack Length: 50cm

Butt Length: 48cm


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Additional Info

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