Molix Popper 130T Floating Popper

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Popper 130T Blooping or Swimming Popper Developed by Jack Fin for Molix

The Popper that Molix has produced is an exceptionally crafted lure hand designed and developed by the Italian lure company Jack Fin. The ABS construction that Molix has applied gives the lure the look of handcrafted precision and detail with a robust long lasting material. The finish on this lure is immaculate, possessing an ultra life like scale pattern.

The lure works with a short stab of he rod creating a louder more conventional blooping action. It can also be used with a longer sweep of the rod, which creates a long bubble trail and makes the lure swim with a nice tail kick. It also works well with small twitches of the rod mimicking a wounded baitfish on the surface. It comes pre rigged and ready to use straight out of the packet.

The 130T Popper is a great option for chasing many different species, like trevally, mackerel, queenfish, black bass, giant snake head, among many others.

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 130mm

Weight: 38g

Additional Info

Additional Info

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