Nomad Squidtrex Vibe

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Squidtrex by Nomad Design

A Squid Vibe: A world first from Nomad!

The SQUIDTREX uses Patent Pending technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body. It can be jigged vertically both fast and slow, or cast and retrieved like a vibe.

The soft, but super strong TPE soft plastic gives the tentacles very realistic movements, whether it is moving fast, slow or even at rest. It fishes very well just sitting in a rodholder! The through-wire construction has an extra belly eyelet for tuning with a stinger hook, while the main hooks are strong BKK Twin Assists. These lures come in a bunch of great colours with both glow and UV reflective options. 

Through the various sizes, these lures can be effective on a huge range of fish, from estuary/inshore areas to the bluewater. Anything from flathead, mulloway and tailor in the estuary to coral reef fish, GT and tuna will east these - what doesn't like to eat squid?!


95 95mm 32g BKK Twin Assist #1
110 110mm 52g BKK Twin Assist 1/0
130 130mm 92g BKK Twin Assist 3/0
150 150mm 128g BKK Twin Assist 4/0
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