ReefsEDGE Roey 130g Abalone Floating Popper

$162.73 (Ex. GST)
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Roey 130g Abalone Shell Floating Blooping Popper by ReefsEDGE

Handcrafted with real abalone shell!! 

The ReefsEDGE Poppers offer superb finish and durability at a reasonable price. The Hardtail 130g features quality stainless steel components, wiring and a 8 layer Hardened Epoxy clear finish making the poppers extremely durable. Producing a good pop thanks to their deep cup these poppers will call the fish up from depths and are also equally effective in the shallow water. Available in an array of fish catching colours these are sure to feature in most popper collections.

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 180mm

Weight: 130g

Treble Hooks: BKK GT-REX Treble Barbed (BKK 100554) (5/0) or Shout Curve Point Treble 31 (Shout 071597) (6/0)

Single Hooks: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090829) (11/0)

Split Rings: CB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 806557) (#10) or Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811306) (10)


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