Sea Falcon

Sea Falcon Drain Inchiku 300g Rigged Metal Jig

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Drain Inchiku 300g Rigged Slow Pitch Metal Jig by Sea Falcon

The Sea Falcon Drain Inchiku jig is based off the Super Drain jig and has the same unique shape to enable easy movement. In deep areas with high water pressure, this jig can produce the maximum action with minimum effort. The jig has a double drain-structure to produce an irregular movement which imitates a wounded and confused baitfish. The Drain Inchiku jigs come in a range of sizes and colours to suit most situations. The Drain Inchiku 300g comes pre-rigged and is a great jig for fishing 60-300m for Pearl Perch, Snapper, Jewfish, Dhufish, Coral Trout and Emperors as well as out in the deeper water for things like bar cod, flame tail and jobfish. These jigs are also effective on Kingfish and Amberjack.

Type: Inchiku Jig

Length: 195mm W/ Skirt (Jig 130mm)

Weight: 300g


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Additional Info

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