Shout Strobe Jig 180g Metal Jig

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Strobe Jig 180g Slow Pitch Metal Jig by Shout

The Strobe is a jig designed to be used with a slow pitch more technical action. Using your rod to lift and jerk the jig it will dart around, flutter then falls fast mimicking a wounded or dying baitfish, enticing bites from the fussiest of predators. With its shape and centre balancing it flutters at first then drops quickly into the bite zone, making it a great jig when fishing it higher current. 

The Strobe 180g is going to be an excellent jig for demersal species like nannygai, red emperor and coral trout as well as snapper, pearl perch and dhufish. It can also be used for amberjack and dogtooth tuna when they aren't reacting to the more conventional high pitch action.

Type: Slow Pitch Jig

Length: 110mm

Weight: 180g



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Additional Info

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