Amegari Flavie 110 Sinking Stickbait

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Flavie 110 48g by Amegari

Introducing the Flavie 110- one of the liveliest action stickbaits on the market, now super-tuned and built with ABS! This fast-sinking, versatile all-round stickbait is well-proven to attract bites in all conditions, thanks to its massive swimming action. The Flavie is perfect for a great slack line sweep and pause retrieve, but can also get excellent results with an erratic twitching action. This lure flutters on the drop and really has it all! At 110mm, it's the perfect size sinking stickbait for exploring and chasing pelagics in inshore, offshore, and bluewater environments.

Built with the same premium quality and durability as all Amegari lures, the Flavie is not your usual ABS molded lure. It's fully wired with 1.6mm through-wiring and comes rigged and ready to go with BKK Raptor trebles. So, if you're looking for a reliable, high-performance stickbait that's guaranteed to get results, the Flavie 110 48g is an excellent choice for your tackle box!


Length Weight Hooks
110mm 48g BKK Viper Trebles #4
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