D-Claw Chop Sinking Stickbait

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Chop Sinking Stickbait by D-Claw

By incorporating a specially designed tungsten weight system, we have achieved a compact size of 100mm and a weight of 31g. This unique arrangement ensures stable swimming action, exceptional casting distance, and high-speed retrieval.

To handle unexpected encounters with larger fish, we have implemented a durable 1.4mm stainless steel penetrating wire.

The TG Water Surface Chop comes equipped with a reliable BKK #3 hook as standard. Depending on the target species, we recommend experimenting with the replacement of single hooks at the front and rear, or the rear hooks only.

For the "Shirauo Color" variant, we have painted the internal tungsten weights silver to enhance the realism and allure of the lure.

In addition, the two clear color options feature a Keimura UV coating, which effectively attracts tuna and other pelagics. (Only available in Shirauo/Smoky colors.)

Weight: 31g

Length: 100m

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Additional Info

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