ASWB Lipped Stick 16 Mid Diving Minnow

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Lipped Stick LS16-F1.5 16g by ASWB

The Lipped Stick LS16 from ASWB, the ultimate tool for avid fishermen. Designed for versatility, this lure is suitable for a range of fishing techniques including casting and trolling at speeds of 2-4 knots.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, this lure features BKK 6063 4X strength hooks and split rings. The BKK Ultra anti-rust finish ensures that your lure stays in top condition even after prolonged use in harsh marine environments.

The Lipped Stick LS16-F1.5 is fully wired with a 314 stainless tow point, making it easy to attach to your fishing line and ensuring that the lure tracks straight and true through the water. With a diving depth of 1.5mtr, this lure is suitable for a range of target species including all reefies, Barra, Mangrove Jack, Black Bass, Flathead, Threadies, and Bream.

Type: Floating Diver

Weight: 16g

Length: 90mm

Hooks: 2x BKK6063 Trebles

Diving Depth: 1.5m

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Additional Info

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