ASWB Lipped Stick 18 Deep Diving Minnow

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Lipped Stick LS18 Deep Diving Minnow from ASWB

The Lipped Stick LS18 deep diver from ASWB. Proudly made in Australia, this top-quality lure is built to last and designed to deliver outstanding results.

Crafted with precision, the Lipped Stick LS18 is a 18g/90mm suspending lure that can dive to depths of 3 meters. This makes it ideal for targeting a range of species in different water conditions. Whether you're casting or trolling at speeds of 2-4 knots, this lure is sure to get you results.

Built for durability, this lure features BKK 6063 4X strength hooks and split rings that are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The BKK Ultra anti-rust finish ensures that your lure stays in top condition even after prolonged use in saltwater environments.

Fully wired with 314 stainless tow points, this lure is easy to attach to your fishing line and ensures that it tracks straight and true through the water. The LS18 is suitable for all reefies, Barra, Mangrove Jack, Black Bass, Flathead, Threadies, and Bream.

This versatile lure is perfect for jerk retrieves, giving you complete control over the motion of the lure and allowing you to mimic the movements of natural prey.

Weight: 18g

Length: 90mm

Hooks: 2x BKK6063 Trebles

Diving Depth: 3m

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Additional Info

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