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FCL Labo SAD 80R Deep Diving Minnow

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SAD 80R deep diving minnow by FCL Labo

The FCL Labo SAD 80R is a new addition for 2016 and has recorded many great captures in testing. The SAD 80R is a hand made, solid body minnow with a circuit board bib designed for fishing for species such as Barramundi, Jacks, Spot Tail Bass, Black Bass, Australian Bass, Saratoga and Murray Cod. This Deep Diver will get down to depths of around 3m and will cast very long distances. It features a nice tight wobble and when twitched it generates plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design. Dynamite on Barramundi in the dams and creeks these lures will keep performing until you lose them. No more cracked, deformed or broken lures!

FCLLABO lures are handmade in Japan!

Type: Floating Jerkbait

Length: 80mm

Weight: 11g

Hooks: Pre rigged with Decoy Y-W77 trebles

Upgrading Hooks: Decoy Y-W77 #4 and Decoy #4 split rings. This setup will get the lure suspending perfectly.

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Additional Info

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