FCL Labo

FCL Labo HKTM 55MD Diving Minnow

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HKTM 55MD Mid Diver by FCL Labo

The HKTM 55 Mid Diver by FCL Labo is a fantastic little minnow, perfect for targeting high flow rivers, tall piers, rock walls and drop offs. Its tight wobble and moderate buoyancy makes it ideal for bass, flattys, perch, bream, trevally and other small aggressive species. This lure is also effective for covering ground, when conditions are tough and fish are finicky. It can be worked slowly near the bottom for critters lurking in the shadows or speeded up to imitate a fleeing baitfish.

The HKTM 55 Mid Diver is available in a range of colours and is fitted with two high quality treble hooks.

All FCLLABO lures are handmade in Japan!

Type: floating

Length: 55mm

Dead Weight: 3.5g

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Additional Info

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