CB One Enfinity 84/10 Versatile Plugger Stickbait Rod

$617.27 (Ex. GST)

Enfinity 84/10 Versatile Plugger Offshore Stickbait Rod by CB One

This rod has been designed to get the best out of floating stickbaits when chasing kingfish and tuna, though it does a great job on a range of large pelagic species too! The moderate taper and elastic carbon loads the rod smoothly and comfortably, whether casting, working lures or fighting a big fish! There is a surprising amount of power down low in the butt which gives excellent control and comfort during long drawn out battles.⁠⁠

This is the perfect choice as a stickbait rod for a variety of pelagic species and for anglers who prefer a softer tipped rod when chasing big reef flats species

Made in Japan from CB One!

Length: 8'4" (253cm)

Weight: 385g

Line Weight: PE 3-5

Max Drag: 10kg

Cast Weight: Max 100g (Best Match 40-80g lures)

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 190cm

Butt Length: 72cm


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Additional Info

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