CB One Ozma HW 18cm Fast Sinking Stickbait

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Ozma HW 18cm Fast Sinking Stickbait by CB One

The Ozma is a relatively fast sinking stickbait designed to be retrieve at a high pace, perfect for speedsters like tuna and mackerel. It can be retrieved with a strait steady wind or swept and jerked to replicate a dying baitfish.

as well as blue water species The Ozma 11.5 will be affective fishing reef flats for coral trout and emperor species.

The CB One Sinking Pencil Front Hook (CB One 887090) (9/0) is a good strong hook option for hanging off the nose of the lure.

Type: Fast Sinking Stickbait

Weight: 100g

Length: 180mm


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Additional Info

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