CB One Sinking Pencil Front Assist Hook

$14.50 - $18.14 (Ex. GST)
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Front Assist Hook for Sinking Pencil Lures by CB One

The Front Hook is an assist hook that's been designed to be rigged on the nose of sinking pencil lures, this allows you to use a more substantial hook without losing any action. When targeting large tuna feeding on small bait the larger gauge single hook gives you a much better hook up than regular trebles.

By rigging your lure this way it also increases casting distance.

The hooks come rigged with Zylon assist cord for incredible strength and cut resistance.

The EXH hooks are slightly heavier gauge to be used when XOS fish are eating small bait.

The 5/0 and 7/0 hooks have been designed specifically for CB ONE OZMA HW 14cm Sinking Pencil and CB One Ozma HW 11.5cm with the 9/0 working best on the CB One Ozma HW 18cm Fast Sinking Stickbait but will suit any sinking pencil lures.

5/0: 16mm Gape, 35mm Assist

7/0: 18mm Gape, 50mm Assist

9/0: 22mm Gape, 50mm Assist


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Additional Info

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