Coreman Iron Plate HL 25g IP-25HL

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Coreman Iron Plate HL 25g IP-25HL

Introducing the Original Seabass Special Metal Vibe with a modified iron plate tail design—a shorter body version. This tuning delivers top-notch action speed, the most intense vibrations, and the most striking flashing effects within the entire series. Achieving flight stability is made possible through the adoption of a single hook, ensuring a trouble-free descent and instant action upon take-off. Notably, this design significantly reduces line entanglements and enhances the catch rate, all accomplished at a high standard. The lure performs exceptionally well in surface (HIGH) and bottom (LOW) fishing ranges, with particularly impressive results during the summer (high water temperatures) and winter (low water temperatures). 

Type: Metal Vibration

Length: 60mm (excluding the feather) 

Weight: 25g 

Ring: Coreman Original #3 

Hook: Hook Lab Silver Claw #2 

Snap: Coreman Snap #1 

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Additional Info

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