FCL Labo

FCL Labo UCB-85 Extreme Stickbait

$999.09 (Ex. GST)

FCL Labo UCB-85 Extreme Stickbait

The 85 Extreme Stickbait is the longest rod in the FCL Labo GT family. Sharing the same forgiving action as other FCL rods the 85 Extreme Stickbait bends down into the butt section of the rod making it extremely comfortable when fighting large fish. The soft springy tip makes it easy to control and work sensitive stickbaits, while the medium stiffness mid-section makes for a comfortable fight. Once loaded into the bottom end, there is plenty of lifting power to turn a stubborn fish. The rods progressive loading gives it the ability to fish lines from PE6-10!! Casting wise this rod is unmatched in its performance. Thanks to the nature of the rods build and taper the rod really slings out lures, which makes it easy when working the edge of a reef break. If you are searching for a long casting GT Stickbait rod look no further than the FCL labo UCB 85 Extreme Stickbait. 


Length: 8'5" (257cm)

Weight: 420g

Line Weight: PE #6-#10 

Cast Weight: Max 190g

Sections: 2 piece butt join

Packed Length: 185cm

Butt Length: 765mm


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Additional Info

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