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FCL Labo UCB-78 Extreme H Heavy Stickbait Rod

$999.09 (Ex. GST)

UCB-78 Extreme H Heavy Stickbait Casting Rod by FCL Labo

The 78 Extreme - H is one of the most powerful rods in the FCL Family. It takes a step up in power from the popular 81-Extreme MH with a higher drag rating of 22kg, while the shorter length and taper make it easier for angler to fight big fish in relative comfort.

Perfect for throwing larger stickbaits the 78 Extreme H bends down into the butt section of the rod making it extremely comfortable on the angler when fighting large fish. This rod was tested on large bluefin tuna, but has since proven itself on GT all over the world and especially on Oman's monsters. The soft springy tip makes it very easy to control and work stickbaits ensuring the best action is attained from the lure. The 7'8" Extreme H casts extremely well thanks to the rods excellent taper and crisp blank enabling you to get your lures right onto the reef edge!

If you are after one of the most powerful stickbait rods on the market look no further than the FCL Labo 78 Extreme H!

Length: 7'8" (233cm)

Weight: 400g

Line: PE# 10

Lure Weight: Max 200g, best match 70-170g

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 162cm

Butt Length: 80cm

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Additional Info

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