Hishimo Chado Ghost 6.4 3 Piece Travel Baitcast

$480.91 (Ex. GST)

Hishimo Chado Ghost 6.4 3 Piece Travel Baitcast

The Hishimo Chado Ghost range of rods were designed by Hishimo around the time of the corona virus in anticipation of open travel and expedition. This range of rods feature all top quality Fuji componentry and made powerful and compact so to be reliable even in the most remote fishing destinations. The Chado Ghost 6.4 was designed for those who want a little more distance than 5.8ft. An intermediate model in the series and a real versatile type of baitcasting rod. The target is the same as the 5.8ft, and it is used for a wide range of purposes for targeting snakehead, barramundi, peacock bass, spot tail bass and striper. This rod would also make a nice expedition murray cod rod that you can travel and hike with that will allow for a little more distance.

Made in Japan and designed for lightness, strength and portability. 

Length: 6'4" (193cm)

Type: Baitcasting

Weight: 208g

Line: PE #4-6

Cast Weight: Max 10-60g

Sections: 3 piece travel rod

Pack Length: 77cm

Butt Length: 53cm

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Additional Info

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