Maria Legato F165 50g Floating Stickbait

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Legato 165mm 50g Floating Stickbait by Maria

The Legato is the 3rd stickbait produced by Maria.

This lure has been designed to be used at a higher pace to generate more of a reaction bite. It has a really nice tight action, producing more body roll than tail kick creating a lot of flash with the flat sides and excellent bright finish.

You can retrieve the Legato with many different techniques, a traditional steady sweep works great but you can also use a slow or fast continuous retrieve, giving the lure more of a minnow action swimming just bellow the surface. it can be worked with a short sharp jerk making it dart and swim more erratically and you can even give it a chopping walk the dog action.

The 160mm legato is an excellent versatile option when chasing a huge array of different species including kingfish, Spanish mackerel, GT, tuna and big reef fish on the flats.

Type: Floating Stickbait

Weight: 60g

Length: 190mm

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Additional Info

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