Maria Rapido 230F Floating Stickbait

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Rapido 230mm 100g Floating Stickbait by Maria 

The Rapido has a slim profile which helps naturally imitate the swimming action of a dying bait fish making it incredibly effective when conditions are tough. Ideal for Kingfish, Mackerel, Trevally, Tuna and many other species. Very angler friendly lure, easy to use and for its size you can cast it all day long. 

The Rapido is built tough! Through wire construction and strong internal ribbing for extra strength makes sure they stand up to the toughest of predators.

If you're after a reasonably priced stickbait that's tough, easy to use and catches many species of fish the Rapido is a must have in the kit!

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 230mm

Weight: 100g

Treble Hooks: BKK GT-REX Barbless Treble Hooks (BKK 100555) (5/0) or Shout Curve Point Treble 31 Treble Hook (Shout 071580) (5/0)

Single Hooks: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090812) (9/0)

Split Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811306) (10) or CB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 806557) (#10)

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Additional Info

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