Ocean Devil

Ocean Devil Diablo 83 F 150 GT

$653.64 (Ex. GST)

Ocean Devil Diablo 83 F 150 GT

The ODD 83F 150 GT rod is primarily designed for Stick Bait fishing but handles poppers ranging from 90 to 130 grams effortlessly. Its longer, more supple tip makes casting a breeze, allowing your lures to soar into the distance with a simple flick. The progressive taper of the rod ensures comfort during battles with large fish. If you're in search of a long-casting stickbait rod, the Diablo 83F 150 GT Rod is a top choice.

Length: 8'3" (254cm)

Weight: 406g

Line Weight: PE# 6 - 8

Cast Weight: 150g

Sections: Butt Join

Butt Length: 80cm

Packed Length: 181cm


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Additional Info

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