Ocean Devil

Ocean Devil Diablo Beast F 74 Tuna/GT 240

$744.55 (Ex. GST)

Ocean Devil Diablo Beast F 74 Tuna/GT 240

The Diablo Beast GT and Tuna Popping rod is a genuine masterpiece, representing world-class craftsmanship. Crafted from premium Japanese carbon fibers, this rod not only boasts exceptional strength and durability but also remarkable responsiveness and sensitivity.

Its design is simply stunning, featuring a sleek and contemporary aesthetic bound to capture attention. Whether your target is massive GTs or colossal tuna, the Diablo Beast rises to the occasion. With its outstanding casting performance and unmatched power, this rod will elevate your fishing prowess. In summary, the Diablo Beast GT and Tuna Popping rod stands as an exceptional piece of equipment certain to leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning anglers.

As for the Diablo 74 Beast, it's our new flagship rod for tackling large GT fishing, emphasizing power with a remarkable 30kg deadlift capacity. This rod excels in casting at impressive distances with a stable, rapid popping action tailored for big game fish, all while maintaining impeccable lure action. Even in challenging conditions, the Diablo Beast rod ensures the angler's comfort, curving at its maximum load around the 3rd guide.

Length: 7'4" (228cm)

Weight: 428g

Line Weight: PE# 8-12

Cast Weight: 240g

Sections: Butt Join

Butt Length: 82cm

Packed Length: 154cm

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Additional Info

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