Palms Rush Dive 180

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Rush Dive 180 by Palms

The Rush Dive is a versatile and durable stick bait for fishos of all skill levels. Built with a wire form and strong rib structure, it can withstand tough conditions and aggressive fish. Tail weighted for longer casting distances, the Rush Dive has a natural swimming action and lifelike appearance that makes it irresistible to fish.

Pre-rigged with high-quality 3/0 trebles and split rings, it's easy to use and maintain. Which makes it the perfect lure for catching more fish, whether you're targeting tuna, kingfish, or any feisty reef species

Type: Floating Stickbait

Weight: 87g

Length: 180mm

*Comes pre-rigged with x2 #3/0 Trebles
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Additional Info

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