Shout Entice Pop 190 Floating Popper

$54.50 (Ex. GST)
Colour (Shout Entice Pop 190) *

Entice Pop 190 Rigged Slender Floating Popper by Shout

The Entice Pop 190 is a long slender popper with a small cup designed to attract the fussiest of kingfish. With a long steady sweep it pulls a nice bubble trail just under the surface, but still creates a decent pop when swept sharply raising fish from the deep. As well as kingfish it'll produce bites from GT, Spanish mackerel and large tuna. Reef dwellers will also love the entice pop when worked over shallow flats and bombies.

The Entice Pop 190 Come pre rigged with Shout Straight Point Twin 22 hooks in 3/0

Lure Type: Floating Popper

Length (mm): 190

Weight (g): 75g


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Additional Info

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