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FCL Labo CC35 Pop Floating Popper

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CC35 Pop Floating popper by FCL Labo

Yoshitaka Tsurusaki from FCL Labo has always been an innovator in the fishing tackle industry. His newest creation, the CC Popper (cookie cutter) has a metal cup sleeved onto a resin body creating a durable popper the casts like a bullet and and has a very consistent action. The thin lip of the metal cup allows the lure to dig in easily and create a loud bloop. These lures can be worked with a short choppy retrieve or with longer sweeps of the rod, to equally good effect.

Tested on the Great Barrier Reef these lures have been very effective for everything from coral trout and long nose emperor through to GT and tuna. If you are after something different to try on you local or on the next trip abroad try a CC popper and you won't regret it!

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 130mm

Weight: 67g

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Additional Info

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