Shout Twin Hook 22

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Shout Twin Hook 22 

Shout Twin hooks are an evolution in the design of rigging for big fish! For many years anglers have debated the merits of treble and single hooks for casting lures. Trebles have the advantage of more hooking points but the disadvantage of being more likely to be bent or levered out of the fishes jaw. Single hooks offer cleaner hookups and strength once set but can miss a number of hookups in the first place. For many years anglers have used the homemade solution of back to back single hooks, held with heat shrink or zip ties (otherwise known as 'Baker Rigging'). Baker rigged hooks have the strength advantage, but the back to back arrangement is not always conducive to good hook up rates.

The Shout Twin Hook 22 tackle all of these issues by setting hooks in a V pattern using heat shrink tubing which gives an excellent hook setting angle. Once hooked up under load, the heat shrink can tear, allowing the hooks to separate and then have the holding power of a traditional single hook.

You can reset the hooks with heat shrink, or as we do with small zip ties.

Hook Size: 1/0 

Sets per pack: 3

Weight per set: 2.2g

Hook Gape: 15mm


Hook Size: 2/0 

Sets per pack: 3

Weight per set: 3.3g

Hook Gape: 17mm


Hook Size: 3/0 

Sets per pack: 2

Weight per set: 4.9g

Hook Gape: 20mm


Hook Size: 4/0 

Sets per pack: 2

Weight per set: 6.4g

Hook Gape: 22mm


Hook Size: 5/0 

Sets per pack: 2

Weight per set: 8.3g

Hook Gape: 24mm





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Additional Info

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