Shout Kudako Single Hook

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Kudako Jigging and Popping Single Hook by Shout

The Shout Kudako is a considered by many anglers to be the best all-round heavy jigging and popping hook. Constructed with light weight high-carbon steel and featuring a long curved point the Kudako hooks are extremely strong and sharp. The Kudako is great for making assist hooks for jigs or nose rigging GT poppers. Also works great as a tail hook on poppers and stickbaits.

1/0: 6 pcs

2/0: 6 pcs

3/0: 5 pcs

4/0: 4 pcs

5/0: 3 pcs

6/0: 2 pcs

7/0: 2 pcs

8/0: 2 pcs

9/0: 2 pcs


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