Maria Pop Queen 160F

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Maria Pop Queen F160 popper (2023 Neon Bright Limited colours)

Introducing the latest run of 160mm Pop Queen's from Maria Japan. This limited series of colours incorporates neon bright paint technology to expose UV vibrant colours under different wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Basically meaning each colour will work best under certain light conditions on the day.

  • The neon red colour works best in cloudy conditions as well as early morning and late afternoon.
  • The neon green works best under lower light, dirty water and rainy conditions.
  • The neon blue is designed to fish during the day and in clear water situations. ⁠

The Maria Pop Queen 160F's bullet like body shape and weight balance allows for long casts. Its body shape and the cup-like mouth work well to make a splash and twist action.  A fast retrieve to split water is an effective method for active fish. Popping is also effective for negative mode target - this kind of action brings out 'reaction bite' from fish. It has heavy duty through wire construction, realistic eyes, vibrant Neon Bright colours and is Fitted with #2/0 Owner ST-76 trebles and Maria Oval Split rings.

The Pop Queen is a must for all anglers who fish the surface and is particularly suitable for Kingfish, Trevallies and Tuna.

Type: Floating popper

Weight: 65g

Length: 160mm

Split ring: Maria oval HD

Treble size: 2/0 Owner ST-76

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Additional Info

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