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Melon-ya RFS-110

$25.41 (Ex. GST)
Melon Ya RFS-130 resin stickbait is great for big fish chasing smaller baits The RFS 110 is a injection moulded sinking stickbait from Japanese manufacturer Melon-ya. The RFS stickbaits feature sturdy through wire construction and are excellent for...

Melon Ya Search Swimmer 150 Sinking Stickbait

$54.50 (Ex. GST)
Search Swimmer 150mm from Melon Ya The Sea Search Swimmer is the latest addition from Melon Ya Japan, featuring a 150mm sinking stickbait that is relatively unknown but highly effective. This stickbait offers angler-controlled action and an attractive...

Melon Ya Flap Bait 260 Floating Stickbait

$108.18 (Ex. GST)
Flap Bait by Melon Ya The Melon Ya Flap Bait is a large floating stickbait. It' produces large 'S' shape on big sweeps and will send out large flashes attracting predators from the depths. Perfect for larger target species like gt, tuna, amberjack and...