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Orusa Moku Rubber

$18.14 - $21.77 (Ex. GST)
Moku Rubber by Orusa ⁠The Moku Rubber is a cool evolution of the Tai Rubber Jig style. Equipped with a 'sand scoop' on both sides of the body, the head can pick up sand, silt and mud when it touches...

Orusa Fang Metal Jig

$12.68 - $19.95 (Ex. GST)
Fang Jig by Orusa The fang jig is a very versatile design, with concave scoops to allow stable action when swimming at both high and low speed.Front hooks are equipped with fish skin material, which...

Orusa Fang Blade Metal Jig

$13.59 - $19.05 (Ex. GST)
Fang Blade by Orusa Specialized for blade game targeting Spanish mackerel and bluefish among others. Designed with a rear center of gravity to allow stable swimming without spinning...